Precious and original gift ideas, full of flavour and steeped in history. For you Fabbri has created a range of gift packs to satisfy any need. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, celebration or just a kind thought, any occasion is a good excuse to choose the timeless elegance and natural goodness of Fabbri, synonymous with Italian excellence worldwide. In the gift section you'll surely find an idea that's right for you and your celebration!
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The ultimate symbol and flavour of Fabbri: a world icon. Fabbri Amarena is demi glacé and preserved in syrup, using a secret recipe passed down through the generations, with the same loving care as a hundred years ago. A versatile ingredient in sweets or savories... or simply to eat as is. If you're the sort of person who hates to run out, the 600 gram jar is the one for you. And it is also a beautiful ornament for your kitchen!
Discover the recipe "Spider Cookies all'Amarena Fabbri"
The ultimate symbol and flavour of Fabbri, celebrated throughout the world. Unique, unmistakable, inimitable: Amarena Fabbri is demi glacé and preserved in syrup, using a secret recipe passed down through the generations, with the same loving care as a hundred years ago. Ideal as a distinctive dessert or to garnish sweets, gelato, yogurt or anything you prefer. The handy 1 kilo jar with the traditional Fabbri floral motif is a timeless classic.
A Muddler is an invaluable tool for making drinks calling for crushed ingredients, like Mojito. In cases of emergency, a muddler can also be used to break ice cubes. Thanks to Fabbri you can prepare by yourself cocktails like the ones you drink at bar! What are you waiting for?
Amarena is a book that celebrates a product unique in the world: Amarena Fabbri wild cherries, famous since 1915 as a quality italian speciality. In this book Csaba dalla Zorza combne the historic Amarena with 49 recipes, from classica and spectacular desserts to cocktails and savoury dishes
The Boston Shaker came about in the 1800s on a transatlantic ocean liner on its way to Europe from Boston and it is a tool that characterizes the all-important figure of the bartender. It is a wide steel beaker (known as the Mixing Tin) which is placed rim to rim with an upside-down glass (Mixing Glass). Free your creativity and prepare your cocktails like a professional bartender!
Dedicated to the most curious palates and the lovers of taste, the Colomba with Amarena Fabbri born from the encounter between two exciting italian reality, the sophisticated Colomba Giovanni Cova & C. and the vitality of Amarena Fabbri. Perfect to be enjoyed during the Easter holidays, it is a sweet original gift, ideal to surprise guests and family.
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A handy 600 gram bottle containing the unique flavour of strawberries! Preserved in high quality syrup, an ideal decoration for sweets, desserts or semifreddo, or an ingredient in special cocktails and tasty sauces. Delicious in a bowl of yogurt, Fragole Fabbri preserves the natural flavour thanks to a secret recipe passed down through the family business.
Fabbri has recreates that unmistakable combination of liqueur and Amarena Fabbri, turning it into a contemporary delicacy. A well-measured and rounded sweetness in which the organoleptic undertones meet and harmonise with delicate fragrances of Mediterranean citrus fruits and ancient Ligurian chinotto that work as "aromatic sidekicks".
A comfortable blue sweatshirt customized with the Amarena Fabbri logo
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