The finest cocktails or the excellent drinks from your favourite bar..... in the comfort of your own home! More than just a trend, but an opportunity thanks to Fabbri preparations: from Syrups and Mixyfruit to Almond Drinks.
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One success follows another: Sambuco flowers are joined by the berries from this truly versatile plant beloved of generations. Sambuco Flower and Berry Syrup is a brand new variety with a spicy floral bouquet that is already gaining popularity with the cocktail crowd thanks to the Spritz Hugo ROSA. But the syrup can also liven up a range of tasty dishes, as well as creating wonderful sweets and desserts.
A hugely popular fruit, cool and aphrodisiac, the strawberry represents one of the world's most delicate flavours. Besides its countless health benefits such as vitamins, fructose and mineral salts, the strawberry also has tonic properties, refreshing and nutritious. Fabbri has turned it into an syrup indispensable to every kitchen, perfect for sweets or garnishings, but also an essential ingredient in cocktails with an unmistakable taste.
Made from a subtle blend of orange, cherry and raspberry juices, Fabbri Grenadine Syrup is a uniquely thirst-quenching beverage, but can also become an essential ingredient in a refreshing cocktail for a hot summer evening. The more adventurous will turn it into an opportunity for an unusual dessert, to share with friends or just enjoy as a delicious private treat.
With its elegant and seductive taste, Raspberry Syrup makes an ideal addition to a mix of flavours at any hour. Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, the fruit has long been prized for its refreshing and nutritious properties. Raspberry Syrup is the natural evolution of this delectable pleasure, perfect for cocktails or as an ingredient in exciting sweets and desserts. And for those with a sweet tooth it is excellent simply diluted in a glass of water.
Two very distinct flavours for the first time combined in an unusual and irresistible pairing: Lemonkiwi Syrup brings together two apparently distant flavours to produce an original taste to liven up any preparation. Refreshing and invigorating the syrup is ideal for summer, diluted in a glass of water with a couple of ice cubes, or the starting point for a host of fresh new cocktails or desserts.
Commonly thought of as a hybrid of citron and lemon, lime is known for its medicinal properties - it is rich in vitamin C, mineral salts and antioxidants - a fragrant exotic fruit that can be used to accompany a whole range of meals. Fabbri has used it to produce a syrup with an unmistakable flavour, an essential ingredient in many cocktails or special sweets. Try it once and you'll be hooked!
The practical 300 ml bottle contains the authentic flavour of unspoiled valleys and cool mountain air: Sambuco Flower Syrup is wonderfully refreshing in the summer heat, either simply diluted in water and ice or enjoyed in the simple but original Spritz HUGO cocktail. Lends notes of elegance and intensity to long drinks and drinks.
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Ideal for enticing cocktails and original coffees, Amarena Syrup is one of Fabbri's flagship products. Highly versatile in the kitchen, this syrup with its immediately recognisable flavour can be used either as a cooking ingredient or as a delicious garnish to enrich sweets and desserts, on any occasion. All the flavour of amarena cherries, with the refreshing, tonic qualities of their juice: all that is missing is your creativity!
Discover the recipe "Spritz HUGO rosa!"
Anise is one of oldest and best loved ingredients, thanks to its extreme versatility in any type of dish, whether sweet or savoury. This plant has been used since antiquity as a seasoning for its well known digestive properties. Today Fabbri presents its famous syrup version, exploiting its fresh intense aroma to deliver a unique product of its kind, equally suited as a garnish or to enrich recipes, cocktails and coffees.
Symbol of the purity of life, the orange is one of the world's best known fruits, thanks in part to its healthy restorative and thirst-quenching properties. Fabbri has concentrated its essence in Sciroppo Arancia, a genuine tonic that can be used either as a basic garnish for cocktails or a vital ingredient in a range of original sweets. And with just a little water it becomes a refreshing drink for every season.
All the flavour of internationally famed Italian almonds, harnessed by decades of know-how by Fabbri, renowned for its quality worldwide. Almond Milk Syrup combines the delicate flavour of skimmed milk with the tonic and nutritional properties of almond milk. It can be used to lend sweetness to any cocktail, as an ingredient in desserts or enjoyed in its purest form in water or coffee.
Fabbri Coconut Syrup is the result of a masterly blend of coconut milk and almond. With its sweet and refreshing flavour and its well-known nutritious properties, the coconut absorbs the special taste of almond to produce a delicious juxtaposition which never fails to please. Perfect for summer cocktails, Coconut Syrup can be used as a basic ingredient in extraordinary sweets and desserts, but also to create new combinations for exotic dishes.
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