We have been making our renowned syrups since the 1920s. We can therefore claim extensive knowledge of this product category and how to get the most out of raw ingredients to achieve the finest quality and taste. 
Choosing a Fabbri Syrup means buying a traditional Italian product, the result of longstanding expertise and genuine flavours merged with constant innovation, as part of our ongoing quest for emerging trends and new tastes.

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For those who love Fabbri Amarena (black cherry) and for those who can't bear the thought of being without its unique flavour: the 1-litre size is the best solution. Ideal for appealing cocktails and original drinks, Amarena Syrup is one of Fabbri's flagship products. Extremely versatile in the kitchen, this unmistakable-tasting syrup can be used as an ingredient or a tasty garnish to enhance desserts and cakes for any type of occasion.
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What could be better than Fabbri's Mint Syrup? Simple, Fabbri's 1-litre Mint Syrup! With its unmistakable lively, minty aroma, you can have the legendary Fabbri Mint at home, to prepare even more drinks and moments of pure pleasure. It can be enjoyed simply added to water but it's also incredible with milk, for popsicles, and it's an original ingredient for desserts and sweets: with Mint Syrup there are no boundaries. And even better in one litre!
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Orzata is one of those drinks that everyone has tried at least once in their life... and for those who can’t live without it, Fabbri presents 1-litre size. Fabbri's Orzata Syrup brings that unmistakable taste back to the memory of all of us, to the delight of adults and children alike. Ideal when simply added with water and ice, it is also an excellent addition to drinks, coffee and incredible desserts!
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