We have been making our renowned syrups since the 1920s. We can therefore claim extensive knowledge of this product category and how to get the most out of raw ingredients to achieve the finest quality and taste. 
Choosing a Fabbri Syrup means buying a traditional Italian product, the result of longstanding expertise and genuine flavours merged with constant innovation, as part of our ongoing quest for emerging trends and new tastes.

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A biscuity flavour, a lingering aroma, and a bittersweet note of almond that is hard to resist. Amaretto Gourmet Syrup is the most versatile of Fabbri's flavours. It goes best with coffee, makes cream more intriguing, and creates a symphony of flavours that makes every homemade dessert special. And if you want to personalize a simple cake, a classic bonet or a chocolate dessert, all you need is a spoonful of Amaretto syrup, and nothing will ever be the same again.
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Cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and a spicy note of ginger. This is Fabbri Gingerbread, the secret ingredient of Nordic atmospheres, reminiscent of a lit fireplace, a warm blanket and the pampering of a sweet treat. Fabbri's Gingerbread Gourmet Syrup is that touch of flavour that must be in your pantry. Try it in your coffee, hot chocolate or a steaming cup of tea: it's a remedy for the heart that embraces you in every moment.
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For anyone with a sweet tooth, vanilla is an essential item in the home. And Fabbri Vanilla Syrup is equally indispensable. Its enticing aroma can transform coffee, hot chocolate or cappuccino, in any company. An ideal answer for original or traditional recipes, either as a garnish or secret ingredient. The handy 300 ml size will also slip into a handbag... so you&rsquo,ll never be without!
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