In addition to its vast range of syrups, Fabbri has selected a few products for you to make a truly unique cocktail at home. They’re perfect for making alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, long drinks, and also milkshakes, smoothies or anything else requiring the use of specific products for the world of mixing.
For the preparation of many cocktails you need one basic ingredient: simple syrup. And if you want to make your favourite aperitif at home, you can't do without Mixyfruit Simple Syrup! Fabbri presents the cocktail mix for you to become a perfect bartender even at home! Recommended by the International Bartender's Association, Mixyfruit is the new 500 ml size with a convenient spout that you can't do without when you're relaxing or partying in your living room or outdoors.
Imagine a nice, sweet, refreshing drink that you can make perfectly at home with the same skill of a professional bartender! Thanks to Fabbri's Mixyfruit Passion Fruit, you can easily prepare and enjoy all the intense flavour of fresh fruit, right in your living room or outdoors. If you love passion fruit, this Mixyfruit is also a must for mocktails, smoothies and milkshakes.
Black Gum is an absolute novelty that combines the characteristics of gum syrup with those of charcoal. The black colour, tied to modern standards of style and elegance, makes Black Gum the essential ingredient to give an unexpected colour to classic cocktails or to create intriguing colour contrasts. It is tasteless and odourless and does not alter the taste-olfactory harmony of cocktails.