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Are you looking for isinglass or powdered gelatine for your home-made sweets and pastries? Then you need to move with the times and choose Fabbri's new Powdered Gelatine, the perfect way to obtain an ideal consistency for any dessert, to serve with the confidence of a master confectioner. For preparing mousse, Bavarian cream, panna cotta and cheesecake. Simple and ready to use, delicate enough for any creation, to delight your guests!
Fabbri reveals the secrets of haute patisserie just for you, in an even more economic 200 ml size. Frutta Fresca Gelée Spray let's you decorate home-made sweets quickly and easily for the first time. The adjustable nozzle allows you to invent marvellous desserts with all the flavour of natural fresh fruit, in half the time! Impossible to do without!
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La Pasticceria di Casa Fabbri