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From a Fabbri syrup to a fresh iced tea, there is only one step. This new flavor is the ideal companion for your summer; the elegant note of matcha green tea merges with the intense flavors of red fruits ... and you will only have to combine water with ice to refresh and relax! You can no longer do without it! Drinks but also slushes, popsicles, cocktails and much more! Let yourself be inspired!
The tradition of Neapolitan pastry at home. Fabbri launches an even more delicious version of his Babà: a delicious rum bath (only 6 °) wraps small single portion babàs that are eaten in one bite. A perfect idea to finish a dinner: presents the babà cut in two with a vanilla ice cream or even more simply, with a tuft of whipped cream and an Amarena Fabbri on the top!
Let yourself be surprised by the brand new Fabbri hot chocolate: an intense dark chocolate flavor combined with fresh orange notes and the pungent taste of ginger. How can you resist this meeting of citrus and spicy flavors on a winter evening? And with no added sugar! Chococioc ZERO DARK ORANGE & GINGER is the new formula dedicated to all chocolate lovers who want to stay in shape or have particular nutritional regimes to follow. And it is also gluten-free.
For true chocolate lovers, Fabbri offers a novelty of intense and enveloping taste ... A dark hot chocolate, with no added sugar! Chococioc ZERO FONDENTE is the new formula dedicated to all chocolate lovers who want to stay in shape or have particular nutritional regimes to follow. Gluten-free and with fewer calories than any fruit yogurt, Chococioc ZERO FONDENTE is quickly prepared and can be consumed without thoughts, but with all the full taste of chocolate!
A very refined chocolate sauce thanks to its light mint flavor, for the lovers of dark chocolate. Fabbri presents a novelty in the world of toppings: Choco Menta. Bring a fresh and refined touch to the table, add a dash in your coffee or cappucino, enrich an ice cream or a cup cake.
Known for its many beneficial virtues, turmeric is the prized ingredient of one of the most innovative Fabbri Syrups! A precious and highly selected Indian turmeric marries the intense taste of orange, creating a perfect mix of flavor. Perfect for thirst-quenching drinks, to give a spicy taste to cold and hot infusions, unbeatable for fashionable cocktails!
From the Far East to our tables: this Fabbri novelty combines the beneficial properties of ginger and its pungent taste with the exotic taste of lime and the vitamin-lemon juice. Three health-giving ingredients gathered together in a Fabbri syrup to create refreshing drinks and many original infusions and sweet recipes.
Discover the recipe "Ginger Relax"
The Fabbri strawberry arrives on our tables with a new format, and is an opportunity to savor this delicacy produced by the historic Bolognese company: use these small selected strawberries and syrup to enrich many original creations such as panna cotta, ice cream or yogurt cup , cheese cake, aged cheeses ... As his sister Amarena, its uses are endless.
Discover the recipe "Torta morbida di fragole"
Milk chocolate and coconut, a creamy, addictive taste that makes us go back to childhood! Fabbri presents his latest born 'Choco-Cocco' and it will be difficult to resist its: Use this sauce on pancakes and wafers, as a luscious ice cream pouring ... and secretly, directly in the spoon!
The Boston Shaker came about in the 1800s on a transatlantic ocean liner on its way to Europe from Boston and it is a tool that characterizes the all-important figure of the bartender. It is a wide steel beaker (known as the Mixing Tin) which is placed rim to rim with an upside-down glass (Mixing Glass). Free your creativity and prepare your cocktails like a professional bartender!
A handy 600 gram bottle containing the unique flavour of strawberries! Preserved in high quality syrup, an ideal decoration for sweets, desserts or semifreddo, or an ingredient in special cocktails and tasty sauces. Delicious in a bowl of yogurt, Fragole Fabbri preserves the natural flavour thanks to a secret recipe passed down through the family business.
Discover the recipe "Strudel ricotta e fragola"
How do you capture the unmistakable tang of Gingerbread in a delicious syrup? Fabbri has found a way: Gingerbread Syrup lends itself to imaginative sweets or to decorate desserts, but it is also delicious on any biscuit. And why not try it with coffee, cappuccino or chocolate? Its intense spicy aroma is just the touch that is needed to relax with friends or a partner or enjoy a quiet moment alone.
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