Precious and original gift ideas, full of flavour and steeped in history. For you Fabbri has created a range of gift packs to satisfy any need. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, celebration or just a kind thought, any occasion is a good excuse to choose the timeless elegance and natural goodness of Fabbri, synonymous with Italian excellence worldwide. In the gift section you'll surely find an idea that's right for you and your celebration!
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The Fabbri strawberry arrives on our tables with a new format, and is an opportunity to savor this delicacy produced by the historic Bolognese company: use these small selected strawberries and syrup to enrich many original creations such as panna cotta, ice cream or yogurt cup , cheese cake, aged cheeses ... As his sister Amarena, its uses are endless.
Discover the recipe "Torta morbida di fragole"
The Boston Shaker came about in the 1800s on a transatlantic ocean liner on its way to Europe from Boston and it is a tool that characterizes the all-important figure of the bartender. It is a wide steel beaker (known as the Mixing Tin) which is placed rim to rim with an upside-down glass (Mixing Glass). Free your creativity and prepare your cocktails like a professional bartender!
A handy 600 gram bottle containing the unique flavour of strawberries! Preserved in high quality syrup, an ideal decoration for sweets, desserts or semifreddo, or an ingredient in special cocktails and tasty sauces. Delicious in a bowl of yogurt, Fragole Fabbri preserves the natural flavour thanks to a secret recipe passed down through the family business.
Discover the recipe "Strudel ricotta e fragola"
Delicious fruit meets the light alcoholic satisfaction of a liqueur. Ciliegie Fabbri are a double temptation! Excellent as a dessert at the end of a meal, but better still in a bowl of gelato or even coffee. Give new flavour to your preparations with cherries in liqueur as the secret ingredient of a sweet or semifreddo, or the perfect addition to a very special cocktail. But be warned: have one and you'll want another!
Tradition meets the passion of Fabbri: Grappuva is possibly the ultimate liqueur fruit, an indispensable pleasure to end a fine meal with friends on a sweet and slightly alcoholic note, or on its own as a private treat. Excellent with coffee or to enhance a spicy cocktail, but also the perfect ingredient to liven up your sweets or lend flavour to your favourite gelato. Try it and see!
Discover the recipe "Strudel di mele"
The quintessential summer fruit… to be enjoyed all year round: the apricot! Fabbri offers the fruit in liqueur version, ideal to end a meal or delight the palate directly from the handy 500 gram jar. Allow yourself to be tempted by the fruit's slightly alcoholic note, together with gelato or as a special ingredient in home-made sweets. And it makes the perfect gift in any season!
Robust and tasty and slightly alcoholic, marrons glacés are a true delicacy for any occasion at any time of year. Individually prepared with love and care, attention to quality and experience, the genuine marron glacé flavour is guaranteed, plus a light alcoholic note to arouse the senses and the imagination. Delicious on their own, but also fabulous with gelato or coffee. Or you can try them as an ingredient or special garnish in cakes, crèmes and semifreddo.
We all have a favourite flavour, let's be honest. So to satisfy everyone, Fabbri has come up with Fruttinsieme, a combination of quality fruits in liqueur. It makes choosing simpler and more fun, but it also offers an opportunity for a rare new pleasure. The different flavours are heightened by the lightly alcoholic note. But be warned: you may fall in love with every piece! Ideal to end a meal, or with coffee, gelato or numerous sweets.
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