Everything you need to experience and enjoy ice-creams and desserts is here for you. Now you can experiment, learn and have fun in the company of Fabbri quality and passion. You only need your creativity. Test yourself!
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Chocolate is the supreme temptation. Fabbri has captured this quality in a wonderful ready-to-use topping that is suited to any moment of indulgence. Chocolate Minitopping is a pure delight for all the senses, a garnish or ingredient for, coffee, yogurt or milkshakes. Absolutely sumptuous on fruit such as bananas and strawberries.
Discover the recipe "Ghiaccioli cremosi al cioccolato"
From a blend of finest sugars a sweet distinctive flavour and a rare pleasure. Caramel Minitopping is pure pleasure that sweetens any moment. Ideal as a garnish for a delicate dessert, or to lend a new interest to coffee, cappuccino or hot chocolate. And on gelato it is a must. The practical container also enables you to add writing to cakes that will delight the eye as well as the palate.
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What could be more delicious than freshly picked wild strawberries? The answer: Wild Strawberry Minitopping! Fabbri has captured all the quality of the fruit in a handy 225 gram vessel with an adjustable nozzle to garnish and decorate any dessert. A head turner on fruit salad, yogurt and gelato. But be warned: once you've tried it, you won't want to stop. Enjoy the goodness of Fabbri!
All the flavour of wild berries in a ready-to-use topping. This mini-topping is a moment of pure indulgence, ideal as a garnish for cakes, gelato and semifreddo or a way to introduce a new flavour to your creations. Did you know that chocolate and wild berries always raise a smile? Try it with yogurt or cereals at breakfast for a perfect start to the day, or for a delicious, energy-packed snack.
Discover the recipe "Mousse allo yogurt ai frutti di bosco"
A sweet cream on the zabaione, as in the best of homemade traditions, but ... always ready for use: it's the minitopping at the Zabaione that Fabbri has prepared for you, indispensable in the kitchen, a real temptation even the least greedy. In coffee, semifreddi, pies, wherever you are going to add a touch of pleasure to your creativity at the cookers. Attention: You will want to drink it straight from the 225 grams bottle. But beware: it causes addiction!
A special flavour that never fails to please and deliver a touch of sweetness that is difficult to resist. Hazelnut mini-topping is one of the most versatile kitchen toppings, a perfect way to enhance cakes and semifreddo. On gelato with a sprinkling of chocolate or almond flakes, or with more nuts, it is irresistible. And it is delicious in coffee, caffèlatte or cappuccino, for a breakfast to arouse the senses.
Delicious fruit meets the light alcoholic satisfaction of a liqueur. Ciliegie Fabbri are a double temptation! Excellent as a dessert at the end of a meal, but better still in a bowl of gelato or even coffee. Give new flavour to your preparations with cherries in liqueur as the secret ingredient of a sweet or semifreddo, or the perfect addition to a very special cocktail. But be warned: have one and you'll want another!
Tradition meets the passion of Fabbri: Grappuva is possibly the ultimate liqueur fruit, an indispensable pleasure to end a fine meal with friends on a sweet and slightly alcoholic note, or on its own as a private treat. Excellent with coffee or to enhance a spicy cocktail, but also the perfect ingredient to liven up your sweets or lend flavour to your favourite gelato. Try it and see!
Discover the recipe "Strudel di mele"
The quintessential summer fruit… to be enjoyed all year round: the apricot! Fabbri offers the fruit in liqueur version, ideal to end a meal or delight the palate directly from the handy 500 gram jar. Allow yourself to be tempted by the fruit's slightly alcoholic note, together with gelato or as a special ingredient in home-made sweets. And it makes the perfect gift in any season!
Robust and tasty and slightly alcoholic, marrons glacés are a true delicacy for any occasion at any time of year. Individually prepared with love and care, attention to quality and experience, the genuine marron glacé flavour is guaranteed, plus a light alcoholic note to arouse the senses and the imagination. Delicious on their own, but also fabulous with gelato or coffee. Or you can try them as an ingredient or special garnish in cakes, crèmes and semifreddo.
We all have a favourite flavour, let's be honest. So to satisfy everyone, Fabbri has come up with Fruttinsieme, a combination of quality fruits in liqueur. It makes choosing simpler and more fun, but it also offers an opportunity for a rare new pleasure. The different flavours are heightened by the lightly alcoholic note. But be warned: you may fall in love with every piece! Ideal to end a meal, or with coffee, gelato or numerous sweets.
This soft creamy chocolate topping is always an excuse to spoil yourself. Imagine a fruit fondue and the mouth begins to water straight away. But here's the surprise: when cold Fabbri Kroccant Cioccolato turns into a delicious crunchy chocolate coating! Try it for a gelato pralinato or sweet coconut balls or as an original garnish for a semifreddo. For optimal use, the product must be at 30° C (otherwise you can warm up for a few minutes). Your only limit is your imagination.
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