The finest cocktails or the excellent drinks from your favourite bar..... in the comfort of your own home! More than just a trend, but an opportunity thanks to Fabbri preparations: from Syrups and Mixyfruit to Almond Drinks.
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Relaxing with friends or with a partner, preferably at home, the latest trend is to enjoy a do-it-yourself aperitif. And now with Fabbri Mixyfruit you can put together a top class cocktail without the special ingredients used by the professionals. With its high juice and pulp content, Mixyfruit Coconut is the ideal ingredient for cool exotic drinks. The 500 ml size makes up to 20-25 cocktails. All you have to choose is the company!
Imagine a refreshing, sweet and enticing drink. Why go out when you can make the perfect cocktail at home as expertly as a professional bartender? With Mixyfruit Passion Fruit enjoy the flavour of fresh fruit in the company of friends, in your own living room or garden. If you love passion fruit, make sure your fridge is never without a bottle of Mixyfruit.
The vast majority of drinks always have one basic ingredient: liquid sugar. And if you want your favourite aperitif at home, now there's a simple way to make it: Mixyfruit Liquid Sugar! Fabbri offers you the cocktail ingredient you need to become the perfect bartender... in your own home! Recommended by the International Bartenders Association, Mixyfruit in the new 500 ml bottle with measuring spout is indispensable for parties or gatherings in your lounge or garden.
Gum Nero is a novelty that combines the characteristics of gum syrup with those of vegetable charcoal.
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