The finest cocktails or the excellent drinks from your favourite bar..... in the comfort of your own home! More than just a trend, but an opportunity thanks to Fabbri preparations: from Syrups and Mixyfruit to Almond Drinks.
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From a Fabbri syrup to a fresh iced tea, there is only one step. This new flavor is the ideal companion for your summer; the elegant note of matcha green tea merges with the intense flavors of red fruits ... and you will only have to combine water with ice to refresh and relax! You can no longer do without it! Drinks but also slushes, popsicles, cocktails and much more! Let yourself be inspired!
Known for its many beneficial virtues, turmeric is the prized ingredient of one of the most innovative Fabbri Syrups! A precious and highly selected Indian turmeric marries the intense taste of orange, creating a perfect mix of flavor. Perfect for thirst-quenching drinks, to give a spicy taste to cold and hot infusions, unbeatable for fashionable cocktails!
From the Far East to our tables: this Fabbri novelty combines the beneficial properties of ginger and its pungent taste with the exotic taste of lime and the vitamin-lemon juice. Three health-giving ingredients gathered together in a Fabbri syrup to create refreshing drinks and many original infusions and sweet recipes.
Discover the recipe "Ginger Lemonade"
The Boston Shaker came about in the 1800s on a transatlantic ocean liner on its way to Europe from Boston and it is a tool that characterizes the all-important figure of the bartender. It is a wide steel beaker (known as the Mixing Tin) which is placed rim to rim with an upside-down glass (Mixing Glass). Free your creativity and prepare your cocktails like a professional bartender!
All the flavour of internationally famed Italian almonds, harnessed by decades of know-how by Fabbri, renowned for its quality worldwide. Almond Milk Syrup combines the delicate flavour of skimmed milk with the tonic and nutritional properties of almond milk. It can be used to lend sweetness to any cocktail, as an ingredient in desserts or enjoyed in its purest form in water or coffee.
Discover the recipe "Milkshake alla mandorla"
Discover the recipe "Panna cotta al latte di mandorla"
Two very distinct flavours for the first time combined in an unusual and irresistible pairing: Lemonkiwi Syrup brings together two apparently distant flavours to produce an original taste to liven up any preparation. Refreshing and invigorating the syrup is ideal for summer, diluted in a glass of water with a couple of ice cubes, or the starting point for a host of fresh new cocktails or desserts.
Liquorice Syrup contains all the refreshing, digestive and thirst-quenching properties of this highly valued root, hugely popular with people of all ages. Perfect for delicious drinks or to make an excellent liquorice liqueur, this syrup has become an indispensable item to have in the kitchen at any time of year. Even better when used to enhance special desserts, to produce delicious and original results. Just try it and find out what you’ve been missing!
Commonly thought of as a hybrid of citron and lemon, lime is known for its medicinal properties - it is rich in vitamin C, mineral salts and antioxidants - a fragrant exotic fruit that can be used to accompany a whole range of meals. Fabbri has used it to produce a syrup with an unmistakable flavour, an essential ingredient in many cocktails or special sweets. Try it once and you'll be hooked!
The most original form of Cola, Fabbri's thirst-quenching syrup delivers all the taste and freshness of cola, ready for a range of uses. Ideal for the hottest summer days or for a do-it-yourself aperitif, Cola Syrup is excellent diluted in a glass of water with ice and a slice of lime. Tip: wipe a slice of lemon around the rim of the glass and taste the difference!
Discover the recipe "Cheesecake al lime"
A hugely popular fruit, cool and aphrodisiac, the strawberry represents one of the world's most delicate flavours. Besides its countless health benefits such as vitamins, fructose and mineral salts, the strawberry also has tonic properties, refreshing and nutritious. Fabbri has turned it into an syrup indispensable to every kitchen, perfect for sweets or garnishings, but also an essential ingredient in cocktails with an unmistakable taste.
Discover the recipe "BLUE SINALOA"
Ideal for enticing cocktails and original coffees, Amarena Syrup is one of Fabbri's flagship products. Highly versatile in the kitchen, this syrup with its immediately recognisable flavour can be used either as a cooking ingredient or as a delicious garnish to enrich sweets and desserts, on any occasion. All the flavour of amarena cherries, with the refreshing, tonic qualities of their juice: all that is missing is your creativity!
Discover the recipe "GRATTACHECCA ALLA ROMANA"
Often associated with memories of childhood, orzata is one of those drinks that everyone has tried at least once in their lifetime. Fabbri has created a syrup which let's you relive that unmistakable flavour, for adults and children but also for those who are still in contact with their inner child. And with its aromatic qualities, the syrup becomes an excellent accompaniment to marvellous drinks and sweets!
Discover the recipe "Lust"
Discover the recipe "Muffin al profumo di orzata Fabbri"
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