Make special coffees and experience the Fabbri products for a flavourful breakfast or a moment of pure pleasure. Your kitchen is already the perfect spot to relax with friends or throw a party. Are you ready too?
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Let yourself be surprised by the brand new Fabbri hot chocolate: an intense dark chocolate flavor combined with fresh orange notes and the pungent taste of ginger. How can you resist this meeting of citrus and spicy flavors on a winter evening? And with no added sugar! Chococioc ZERO DARK ORANGE & GINGER is the new formula dedicated to all chocolate lovers who want to stay in shape or have particular nutritional regimes to follow. And it is also gluten-free.
For true chocolate lovers, Fabbri offers a novelty of intense and enveloping taste ... A dark hot chocolate, with no added sugar! Chococioc ZERO FONDENTE is the new formula dedicated to all chocolate lovers who want to stay in shape or have particular nutritional regimes to follow. Gluten-free and with fewer calories than any fruit yogurt, Chococioc ZERO FONDENTE is quickly prepared and can be consumed without thoughts, but with all the full taste of chocolate!
A very refined chocolate sauce thanks to its light mint flavor, for the lovers of dark chocolate. Fabbri presents a novelty in the world of toppings: Choco Menta. Bring a fresh and refined touch to the table, add a dash in your coffee or cappucino, enrich an ice cream or a cup cake.
Milk chocolate and coconut, a creamy, addictive taste that makes us go back to childhood! Fabbri presents his latest born 'Choco-Cocco' and it will be difficult to resist its: Use this sauce on pancakes and wafers, as a luscious ice cream pouring ... and secretly, directly in the spoon!
How do you capture the unmistakable tang of Gingerbread in a delicious syrup? Fabbri has found a way: Gingerbread Syrup lends itself to imaginative sweets or to decorate desserts, but it is also delicious on any biscuit. And why not try it with coffee, cappuccino or chocolate? Its intense spicy aroma is just the touch that is needed to relax with friends or a partner or enjoy a quiet moment alone.
The quality and goodness of the Fabbri experience in a handy 300 ml bottle: Amaretto Flavoured Syrup is ideal for dessert fillings or decoration or as an original touch to coffee or hot chocolate! It also lends an unmistakable hint of flavour to your favourite cocktail, a true delicacy for lovers of amaretto... and an irresistible temptation for those who have never tried it!
For anyone with a sweet tooth, vanilla is an essential item in the home. And Fabbri Vanilla Syrup is equally indispensable. Its enticing aroma can transform coffee, hot chocolate or cappuccino, in any company. An ideal answer for original or traditional recipes, either as a garnish or secret ingredient. The handy 300 ml size will also slip into a handbag... so you’ll never be without!
A delicious hot chocolate with an irresistibly intense flavour… and no added sugars! Chococioc ZERO is the new formula designed for chocolate lovers who want to stay in shape or need to stick to a special diet. Gluten free and with fewer calories than any fruit yogurt, Chococioc ZERO takes just few minutes to prepare and contains the full flavour of chocolate and none of the worries.
Another novelty in the Fabbri house, with the only note of sweet almonds, for a nice homemade drink. But not only! Added to the coffee, it gives life to the delicious Coffee in Ice, a simple, delicious and rich recipe that comes from Salento already appreciated in several Italian regions.
Discover the recipe "Caffè in Ghiaccio!"
Chocolate is the supreme temptation. Fabbri has captured this quality in a wonderful ready-to-use topping that is suited to any moment of indulgence. Chocolate Minitopping is a pure delight for all the senses, a garnish or ingredient for, coffee, yogurt or milkshakes. Absolutely sumptuous on fruit such as bananas and strawberries.
Discover the recipe "Ghiaccioli cremosi al cioccolato"
From a blend of finest sugars a sweet distinctive flavour and a rare pleasure. Caramel Minitopping is pure pleasure that sweetens any moment. Ideal as a garnish for a delicate dessert, or to lend a new interest to coffee, cappuccino or hot chocolate. And on gelato it is a must. The practical container also enables you to add writing to cakes that will delight the eye as well as the palate.
Discover the recipe "Crème brulée al caramello"
A sweet cream on the zabaione, as in the best of homemade traditions, but ... always ready for use: it's the minitopping at the Zabaione that Fabbri has prepared for you, indispensable in the kitchen, a real temptation even the least greedy. In coffee, semifreddi, pies, wherever you are going to add a touch of pleasure to your creativity at the cookers. Attention: You will want to drink it straight from the 225 grams bottle. But beware: it causes addiction!
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