Make special coffees and experience the Fabbri products for a flavourful breakfast or a moment of pure pleasure. Your kitchen is already the perfect spot to relax with friends or throw a party. Are you ready too?
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The Boston Shaker came about in the 1800s on a transatlantic ocean liner on its way to Europe from Boston and it is a tool that characterizes the all-important figure of the bartender. It is a wide steel beaker (known as the Mixing Tin) which is placed rim to rim with an upside-down glass (Mixing Glass). Free your creativity and prepare your cocktails like a professional bartender!
How do you capture the unmistakable tang of Gingerbread in a delicious syrup? Fabbri has found a way: Gingerbread Syrup lends itself to imaginative sweets or to decorate desserts, but it is also delicious on any biscuit. And why not try it with coffee, cappuccino or chocolate? Its intense spicy aroma is just the touch that is needed to relax with friends or a partner or enjoy a quiet moment alone.
The quality and goodness of the Fabbri experience in a handy 300 ml bottle: Amaretto Flavoured Syrup is ideal for dessert fillings or decoration or as an original touch to coffee or hot chocolate! It also lends an unmistakable hint of flavour to your favourite cocktail, a true delicacy for lovers of amaretto... and an irresistible temptation for those who have never tried it!
From a blend of finest sugars to a sweet distinctive flavour, by way of a penetrating aroma which is just a prelude to the pleasure: Fabbri Caramel Syrup is a pure delight to finish off any meal. A perfect garnish for a delicate dessert, and an original way to lend aroma to coffee, cappuccino or chocolate. And as everyone knows, cooking with cinnamon is like wearing black: it goes with everything!
Another novelty in the Fabbri house, with the only note of sweet almonds, for a nice homemade drink. But not only! Added to the coffee, it gives life to the delicious Coffee in Ice, a simple, delicious and rich recipe that comes from Salento already appreciated in several Italian regions.
Discover the recipe "Caffè in Ghiaccio!"
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