For those who want to keep in shape without sacrificing flavour: Fabbri has something for you too! Perfect for those who favour a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Try Fabbri's Daily Wellness today!
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Ideal for cocktails and refreshing drinks, Amarena syrup -30% sugar is a novelty in Fabbri: the unmistakable taste of Amarena but with 30% sugar and calories less (compared to traditional Fabbri syrup) with juice and Natural aromas, without preservatives, without artificial coloring and gluten free. Simply, the goodness that works well!
Discover the recipe "Bevanda per lo sport"
Ideal for cocktails and refreshing drinks, Mint - 30% sugar is a novelty in the house Fabbri: the unmistakable taste of mint but with 30% of sugars and calories less than traditional syrup, without preservatives, without sweeteners with natural aroma Mint and gluten free. Try the goodness it does!
Discover the recipe "Bevanda per lo sport"
One of the most distinctive and best loved flavours, now in a syrup concentrate for those who refuse to compromise: Fabbri Chinotto Zero offers all the flavour of a unique drink with no excess sugars! Chinotto Zero Syrup has just 3 calories per 100 ml - ideal for those who want the flavour and to stay in shape at the same time. An indispensable solution for lovers of chinotto.
The quality of Fabbri for those who want to stay in shape and still enjoy the full flavour of amarena. Amarena Zero Syrup is the natural evolution of a unique and unmistakable flavour, yet with fewer than 4 calories per 100 ml. Fresh, tonic and thirst-quenching, it can be used to make anything you love while preserving wellness of body and mind. Excellent for any occasion, a genuine and indispensable component of your daily well-being.
A fresh tangy taste popular with sportsmen and women the world over. Today it is better still: Mint Zero Syrup is refreshing and low-calorie, with fewer than one calorie per 100 ml ready to drink! Ideal for those who value wellness and a healthy diet, with no added sugars. And Zero retains all the flavour of a traditional Fabbri syrup and an unmistakably genuine and intense flavour.
The same smooth and seductive taste of traditional Fabbri syrups, but with fewer than 3 calories per 100 ml. Now you can enjoy all the flavour without worrying about the scales with Raspberry Zero Syrup! Perfect for an intriguing new blend of flavours at any time of day or simply diluted with water and maybe a slice of orange. It also makes an ideal ingredient in a lightweight, low-sugar dessert: Zero is sweet enough on its own!
One of the oldest and best loved ingredients, with multiple health benefits, today it has been transformed once again for those who don't want to compromise on well-being. Anise Zero Syrup contains only 4 calories per 100 ml and retains all the genuine flavour of a plant that is both ancient and modern. Ideal as an invigorating post-workout tonic or as a delicious digestive. Or just enjoy the pure delight of its fresh intense flavour, any time of day.
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