At the heart of Fabbri is Amarena, in all its wonderful varieties, the symbol of Italian excellence worldwide. Fabbri Amarena and its characteristic blue and white jar is at the centre of a history begun in 1915 which shows no sign of ending. The offering broadens with everything you need to prepare sweet and savoury recipes, with that unmistakable, uniquely smooth intense flavour.
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For lovers of amarena who hate to go without its unique flavour, the answer is the 1 litre Economy size! Ideal for inviting cocktails and original coffees, Amarena Syrup is one of Fabbri's flagship products. Highly versatile in the kitchen, this syrup with its immediately recognisable flavour can be used either as a cooking ingredient or as a delicious garnish to enrich sweets and desserts, on any occasion.
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Amarena Syrups Minitopping Strawberry Panettone Ginger
Syrup 560 ml Zero cal syrup Syrup 1l Syrup 300 ml
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