Aria&Velluto 800g

Aria&Velluto 800g

Molecular cuisine is today a technique that highlights and uses techniques and mechanisms based on chemical reactions that transform foods in the kitchen. Ferran Adrià is the greatest exponent of molecular gastronomy. Since the 1990s, Barman Dario Comini has been experimenting with these techniques in mixing, giving rise to what is known as "molecular mixology".

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  • Product for preparing airs and velluti (dense foams).

    For professional use.

    Ingredients: glucosesyrup,water,emulsifiersE471(mono-anddiglyceridesoffatty acids)- E 472e (mono-and diacetyl tartaric acid esters ofmono- and diglycerides of fatty acid), starch, sugar,MILK proteins, preservative E 202 (potassiumsorbate).

    Dosage for ALCOHOL FREE AIRS:
    2 cl Mixybar/Mixyfruit (e.g.Granatina) + 8 cl water + 0.5 cl Aria&Velluto.
    5 cl alcoholic product to be whipped + 0.5 cl Aria&Velluto.
    2.5 cl Vodka + 2.5 cl Bitter + 0.5 cl Aria&Velluto.
    4 cl Vodka + 0.8 clMixybar Fabbri + 0.5 cl Aria&Velluto.
    FOAMS: 160mlwater + 60ml Aria&Velluto + 80ml Mixybar/Mixyfruit/Top Fabbri (in the siphon with nitrogen cartridge).
    Best befor: see date on lid.

    ENERGY 940 kJ / 223 kcal  


    5,6 g
    5,4 g


    SALT 0.04 g  


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