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Take a cherry, try it with chocolate, close your eyes, soak it. Fabbri gives you a moment of pure pleasure thanks to his Chocolate chip, a perfect blend of cherries and chocolate. Chocolate chip is a unique temptation to try on the spoon, but also perfect to create sweets and desserts and absolutely incredible with ice cream, coffee and ... kill the coffee!
The greedy side of the fruit meets the liqueur's slightly alcoholic pleasure: Fabbri cherries are a true double temptation ... which becomes triple, because the varied kernel acquires all the goodness of taste with the practicality of drizzling. Try it as a unique dessert, but also as an ingredient for your sweets, ice cream or even coffee! Gluten free and tasty, they are ideal for enriching all your recipes with an intense and unforgettable note.
A gift of imagination and taste for your most romantic and happy moments. An opalescent glass cuvette of Fabbri Amarena containing 600 grams of inimitable Amarena, demi glacé and preserved in syrup according to tradition, two elegant flutes, six handy cherry sticks and a booklet of aperitif recipes. Discover how the intense flavour of amarena can make any moment unique. The ultimate lovers' gift.
A classic for any occasion: Fabbri Amarena and its typical white and blue ceramic vessel are the image of Italian excellence worldwide, but also a gesture of love by Gennaro Fabbri to his wife to thank her for the recipe which made history. The elegant gift box contains a 1.2 kg jar of inimitable Amarena, demi glacé and preserved in syrup according to tradition. Delicious on its own and perfect with any recipe.
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